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Company Overview

DISH is one of the leading mainland U.S satellite television providers, broadcasting to over 14 million subscribers. Based out of Englewood, Colorado; DISH lead the market in terms of HD and International programming. Founded as EchoStar in 1980, DISH grew from the partnership of Charlie Ergen, Candy Ergen and Jim DeFranco and has now become one of the most high-tech modern services. October 2012 saw the introduction of DISH’s satellite broadband service – dishNET.

US Service Coverage

dishNET is broadcasted via satellite, rather than through cables like conventional internet in the United States. DISH has developed this service to appeal to those living or working in rural areas, who might not otherwise be able to access high speed internet. Whilst marketed as a service to appeal to those in states such as Nebraska, Minnesota, Arizona and Oregon; dishNET is available in most US states.

Internet Plans & Speeds

dishNET has only been live since October 1st 2012 and so hasn’t had an extensively tested project conducted by any of the major reviewers. Also the nature of satellite broadband will make it difficult to define an average speed because of the dependability on terrain and interference. Satellite broadband will have much more fluctuation and can be affected by weather patterns, topography and other nearby structures and technology. The best speeds will be found in protected areas which experience little severe weather.

dishNET is currently offering two main plans for their satellite broadband service, the first and cheapest being billed as $49.99 per month. This plan offers 5Mbps of download speed along with 1Mbps of upload and a 10GB data cap. The next level package doubled both the download speed and the data cap to 10Mbps and 20GB respectively, whilst weighing in at $59.99 per month. Other Monthly Data Cap plans and customized pricing are available for expanding your needs.

Price & Value

As a satellite broadband provider, dishNET charges around the same price as you would expect to pay for the more common Cable and DSL connections. The speeds and data caps imposed will be significantly lower than Cable competitors, but rural areas will often be faced with no alternative. With dishNET, off peak hour downloads will bring you added benefits with your plan. Whilst some satellite broadband providers can charge higher amounts in the knowledge that rural customers are going to have limited options, dishNET’s prices are very fair

Customer Support

DISH has an extensive customer support system both online and offline. Their website offers four online chat channels (Customer Service, Tech Support, Telco Bundled Accounts & New Customer Sales Support) and they even offer a Spanish service for the Latin American population. Customer support are also available via e-mail and telephone.

The online chat system is open Sunday - Saturday: 5:00 AM - 11:55 PM MST, and offers an excellent average wait time, usually less than ten minutes at peak time but often as low as 1 or 2 minutes. The operators are friendly and helpful, though online chat for dishNET is not yet live. Broadband enquiries must go through phone.

Bottom Line

dishNET is an excellent option for those in rural or remote locations. Whilst still in its fledgling stages, it looks like a promising future for the provider’s service. Satellite internet has come a long way since its beginnings and dishNET continues to be at the forefront of satellite innovation.Those with access to Cable or DSL will likely find it more expensive and restrictive, but there will definitely be a grateful population for this satellite broadband service.